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Piling Construction: How to Pour Concrete Piles for a Foundation

concrete piles

Concrete piles are commonly used to support building foundations, securing the foundation to the bedrock below. The equipment and process used for piling construction can vary depending on the size of the piles and the building location. The length, diameter,

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Railroad Track Maintenance: Equipment & Tips for Improving Rainwater Drainage

Railroad track maintenance equipment

When it comes to railroad track maintenance, the goal is to keep tracks up and running. That’s also the challenge with doing track maintenance and repairs: taking care of repairs and maintenance without closing the tracks.

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Backyard Basketball Court Construction Using a Concrete Pump Boom Truck

concrete basketball court construction

When pouring a slab for a backyard basketball court, a concrete pump boom truck makes it easier to reach a tricky sloped location on the property.

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2 Ways to Pour an Elevated Concrete Deck With a Concrete Boom Pump Truck

Concrete Boom Truck Pump Inside building

Need to build an elevated concrete deck, but not sure which equipment to choose? Here are 2 different methods for building elevated concrete deck using a concrete boom pump truck.  

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How to do Concrete Bridge Deck Repair Without a Bridge Closure

concrete deck repair

One of the biggest challenges of doing bridge and highway structure rehabilitation and repair is getting the work done while minimizing the impact on traffic. Here’s how one crew used smart bridge maintenance techniques to prevent a traffic nightmare while

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3 Methods for Pouring a Concrete Footing with a Boom Pump & Tremie

pouring concrete footing

PROJECT #1: Pouring a concrete footing for a bridge Pouring a concrete footing in standing water requires a special method involving a tremie: a pipe with a cone-shaped feed hopper at the top of the tremie pipe above the water level. The

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High Rise Construction: Pouring Concrete Decks

high rise construction process

THE PROJECT: Pouring concrete for a high rise building High rise concrete construction requires a specialized process and equipment setup. To pour concrete decks for each floor of a high rise building, a high-pressure concrete trailer pump is positioned on

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Pipeline Safety: Filling an Unused Underground Pipe To Prevent Collapse

pipeline safety

THE PROJECT: Using a grout pump to fill an abandoned pipe in an oil field In an oil field, large underground pipelines are often used to route groups of smaller pipelines throughout the facility. When a oil pipeline or a

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