Backyard Basketball Court Construction Using a Concrete Pump Boom Truck

concrete basketball court construction

When pouring a slab for a backyard basketball court, a concrete pump boom truck makes it easier to reach a tricky sloped location on the property.

THE PROJECT: Backyard basketball court construction

This contractor needed to pour a concrete slab for an outdoor basketball court. The challenge was the location chosen for the basketball court, which was in a low-lying area in the backyard of a private residence. The contractor needed to get the concrete material a long distance over uneven terrain to the back of the landscaped property, without tearing up the backyard in the process.

The location of the trees further complicated matters, making it impossible to position the concrete pump in the street.


concrete pump boom

Positioning the concrete pump boom truck so the hose can reach the backyard basketball court site.


concrete basketball court construction

Pouring a concrete basketball court slab using a truck-mounted concrete pump boom truck.


Why use a concrete pump boom truck to build a backyard basketball court?

The below-grade location of the basketball court in the backyard of a private residence made it impossible to use a ready-mix truck to pour the concrete. And, the distance made it impractical to manually deliver the concrete in wheelbarrows. Using a trailer-mounted pump with a very long pipe would also be impractical (even though that equipment is less expensive) because of the extensive setup time and cleanup time that would be required.

The contractor needed a concrete pump with a boom to provide a longer reach to the back of the landscaped property, and additional pipe and hose to pump the material down into a low-lying area.

The equipment: Putzmeister PSF 55.20 truck-mounted concrete boom pump

To pour the slab for the basketball court, the contractor chose the Putzmeister PSF 55.20 concrete boom pump, which provided 180 feet of vertical reach. They extended the reach down into the below-grade site adding a 4-inch hose to the boom, which was ideal for the workers to easily move the material.

Using the concrete pump boom also made for a quick and easy cleanup, and avoided the need to pick up spilled piles of concrete all over the lawn.


Pouring a concrete slab in a residential neighborhood frequently presents certain challenges. Ideally you want to avoid putting the pump where it can cause damage to the lawn. However, sometimes there are trees, wires, and other obstacles that make this impossible.

Your best option is to choose a concrete pump boom with a long reach so you can complete the project with as little damage to the lawn as possible.

Also, we recommended going with a 4-inch hose (rather than 5-inch) because the lighter weight makes it easier to maneuver in the space, and requires fewer workers to manage.


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