The Evolving Concrete Pump and Equipment Company

As a family business begun in 1950 by the late Alexander Wagner, Sr., Alexander Wagner Co., Inc. is proud of its history while still evolving with the industry and the changes in technology. Alex Sr. started out as a mason contractor and transitioned into a general contractor during the 1950s. But it was in 1966, when he bought one of the first concrete pumps in the NJ-NY metropolitan area, that the general contracting evolved into a full-time concrete pumping rental business. When sons Alex Wagner Jr. and Frank Wagner joined the company in the 1970s, the company expanded into the largest concrete pump and equipment rental company in the metro area.

Times Change — Our Commitment to New Technologies and Service Stays the Same

The business of placing concrete has come a long way since the 1960s, when Alex Sr. bought one of the first concrete pumps in the metro area. Now, placing cement-based products can be done with many types of equipment, not just concrete pumps, depending on the job requirements and the material that is placed. Having worked with concrete pumps from their “infancy” to the industry’s current highly engineered machines, today Alexander Wagner Company offers a wide range of specialty construction equipment and accessories used to pump, spray and move cement-based products utilizing many types of mortar machines. Our expertise now encompasses the mortar machines that include fireproofing, shotcrete, grouting, gunite, plastering, abrasive vapor blast and self-leveling underlayment applications. Our parts company, ARAF Company, Inc.  stocks a huge inventory of consumables, spare parts and accessories for all of the product lines we carry.

Alexander Wagner Co., Inc. is regarded as a pioneer in the concrete pumping industry and continues the legacy, providing the best technologies available for placing cement-based products to meet the current market demands. The choice can be as simple as a concrete pump, but more and more the specialty applications are dictating different ways of placing product. Today, we serve a large and varied customer base, from concrete pumpers to mortar machine applications for the commercial, industrial, infrastructure, residential and specialty contractor. Having stood the test of time, we remain committed to offering our customers the very best guidance for sales, rentals, parts and services.

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