High Rise Construction: Pouring Concrete Decks

high rise construction process

THE PROJECT: Pouring concrete for a high rise building

High rise concrete construction requires a specialized process and equipment setup. To pour

concrete decks for each floor of a high rise building, a high-pressure concrete trailer pump is positioned on the ground. The trailer pump feeds the concrete through a pipe that goes up through the center of the building to a placing boom at the top level.

high rise construction

Concrete trailer pump feeding concrete for pouring decks for a high rise building.


high rise construction

A placing boom distributes the concrete for each high rise deck. The placing boom is attached to a self-climbing pedestal, so it can be raised as workers complete each level and move up to the next.


High rise concrete pumping

A RS850 self climbing tower with concrete pipe is fed through the core of the high rise building up to the top level. As the tower is raised to each new level, additional pipe is added to the bottom.


high rise construction

Blocks on either side support the tower after it has been raised up and prepared for the next pour.


High rise construction process

The placing boom pours concrete for the top deck of the high rise building.

high rise construction process

The placing boom should be positioned so that it can reach the entire deck and complete the entire deck in a single pour.


The equipment: Putzmeister BSA 14000 HPD concrete trailer pump and Putzmeister MX 3236 placing boom

For this concrete building project, the contractor chose a high-pressure Putzmeister concrete trailer pump. This model provided the high pressure needed to pump the concrete to the top level of the building while still delivering a high hourly output. They also used a Putzmeister placing boom with 370 degree swing and enough reach to cover the entire deck.

The high rise construction process

Here are the basic steps for a high rise concrete pumping project:

  1. Position a high-pressure trailer-mounted concrete pump on the ground.
  2. Position a placing boom and pipeline on a self-climbing tower that can be raised up to build new levels.
  3. Pump concrete through the pipeline to the placing boom at the top.
  4. Pour the concrete deck for each level of the high rise, making sure to position the tower and placing boom correctly so you can complete each deck in a single pour (see the tip below).
  5. After completing two decks, jack up the tower and placing boom to the next level, and add more pipe at the bottom of the tower.

How to save time on your high rise concrete pumping job

There’s typically only one ladder for workers to get down off the deck. Because of the way the placing boom swings, it’s important to properly position the pedestal heading and the placing boom so you can do the pour in a circular pattern that ends at the ladder. If you set up in the wrong place, you could end up having to move the equipment and pour twice.

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