Boom System

Boom pipes come in standard 3 meter straight lengths and special straight make-up pieces as required to fit in between the elbows. These special straight pipes are available in both heat treated and double wall pipe systems as requested by the customer. The 9.5” center line radius elbows are available in both cast manganese and double wall versions. In addition to the boom system on each truck mounted boom pump, there are heavier deck pipes with thicker walls available in both systems. Special elbows with 15 degree, 20 degree, 30 degree and 45 degree bends are also kept in stock for immediate delivery. To replace an entire boom system, it is recommended to order the complete system in advance to assure that all of the items are available when starting to change out the entire system.

  • Heat Treated pipe systems
  • Double Wall pipe systems
  • Special Elbows available in 15, 20 30 and 45 degree bends
  • Complete Boom system replacements ordered in advance

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