Kleen Kote Release Agent – 5 Gallon Pails

Known for its versatility on the job site, KLEEN KOTE 100 is used for keeping mud from sticking to your equipment, as a concrete form release and tilt-up bond breaker, an asphalt release, equipment protection and more. When mixed, KLEEN KOTE 100 deposits a very thin film, creating a virtually non-stick surface that is non-toxic, non-staining, non-dusting, low V.O.C. AND acts as a corrosion inhibitor.
Concrete Equipment

  • 11 to 1
  • Spray all of your concrete finishing and placing equipment prior to every pour and clean up will be easy.

Concrete Paving Machines

  • Mix Ratio 8 to 1 thru 11 to 1
  • Spray KLEEN KOTE on once per job prior to placement, to protect the equipment from concrete sticking and also to help prevent rust. Vary the mix ratio to meet your needs. This product can also be used on your other concrete placing equipment.

Concrete Forms

  • 11 to 1 – 15 t o 1
  • KLEEN KOTE is safe for use on all form types including wood, aluminum, and plastic. Be sure to clean or cast off as much of the old release as possible to eliminate any reaction between KLEEN KOTE and the old form release. Do NOT switch back and forth between KLEEN KOTE and other release agents. If the forms are new, season them just as you would with oil. The mix ratios vary from 15 to 1 for non-porous surfaces thru 11 to 1 for porous surfaces.

Concrete Form Liners

  • 15 t o 1
  • KLEEN KOTE will provide a smooth, easy release to reproduce the liner design down to the finest detail. Call for vibration suggestions. The typical mix ratio is 15 to 1 but can be varied depending upon results.

Concrete Pumping and Belt Trucks

  • 11 to 1
  • Spray KLEEN KOTE on once per job and do not clean the hopper until the end of the job. Spray your entire truck. To polish the cab or the entire truck, see KLEEN KOTE Vehicle Instructions for more detailed instructions. Additional KLEEN KOTE Pumping, as well as Belt Truck Instructions, are available if needed.

Construction Equipment

  • 11 to 1
  • Apply to all equipment to keep mud as well as other debris from sticking to your equipment.

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