Kleen Krete Concrete Remover – 1 Gallon with Sprayer

KLEEN KRETE is a unique liquid that has the ability to remove dry, hardened concrete from virtually any surface and will not harm most surfaces when used according to directions. This is a ready-to-use, biodegradable product that eliminated the need for air hammering, sandblasting and scraping of hardened concrete from equipment, forms and other items that may come in contact with concrete. KLEEN KRETE is also an environmentally-friendly way to etch and clean concrete floors in preparation for the application of epoxy or simply to create a non-slip surface.

For Removing Hardened Concrete From:

  • Concrete Forms
  • Concrete & Mortar Mixers
  • Hand Tools
  • Precast Equipment
  • Ready Mix Trucks
  • Saw Cutting Equipment
  • Screeds Troweling Machines
  • Vehicles
  • Concrete & mortar pumping equipment

Other Uses

  • Cleaning & etching concrete floors prior to applying epoxy coatings
  • Etching concrete floors to create a non-slip surface
  • As a brick wash*

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