Wear Parts

Concrete, plaster, grout and other cement-based products are highly abrasive as the material is pumped through the pump, pipes, and hoses. Subsequent wear is unavoidable, which leads to downtime. We stock a wide selection of parts and accessories for all of the diverse selection of pumps we sell and service.

  • Rotors & Stators
  • Spectacle Plates & Mouthpieces
  • Balls & Seats
  • Peristaltic Pump Tubes
  • Agitator Shafts & Seals
  • Inlet & Outlet Bearings for S-Tubes
  • Material Cylinder Piston Cups
  • Pipeline Reducers
  • Heat Treated Delivery Pipe
  • Boom Systems
  • Gunite & Shotcrete Nozzle Replacement Parts
  • Shaft Seals
  • Scrapers & Wiper Rings
  • Agitator Shaft Blades
  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Hydraulic Piston Seal Kit

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